The Kites and Parades of March

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Last weekend Sasha saw kites and wanted one, so this weekend we got her one.

She actually picked this kite out at Toys-R-Us.
I wanted her to pick this little purple octopus kite, but she insisted on this traditional kite that was 6 Ft tall and about 5 Feet across.


It actually ended up being a really smart choice.  
While all the kids with stupid little novelty kites ran back and forth trying to get theirs off the ground, 
our giant kite took flight and soared as soon as I released it!


I guess the only real problem was that it flew too well and it was so big, we couldn't let Sasha hold it by herself.
It would have pulled her right off the ground and up...up and away!

Holly had fun though.  This was her first kite flying experience as well.


Mommy & Sasha make a good kite team.

They have great string technique and can really operate as a single unit.

Here's a kite's eye view of Holly!

  Daddy takes the controls again and Sasha comes over to help.

On the way over she quickly passes through one of her time-shifting, mood changing vortexes.
We have discovered that Sasha is apparently sensitive to little rips in the fabric of the space time continuum 
and her moods can drastically swing when caught in one of these temporal causalities.
(Reference:  See pretty much any episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation)

 For a few moments Sasha clings to my leg, uncertain of what mood will take hold of her next.

Finally she runs off to play again and all is well with the universe.....For now.
This second picture is what Holly titled:  "Man Nonchalantly Flying Kite"

And finally, we packed up the day and went to play on the playground for a while.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Although is was in the 80's at the end of the week, the St. Patrick's Day weekend took a dip.  It was really cold (Like in the 40s!)

We had to bundle up for the parade and could only stay for about 1/2 of it before we had to run home for warmth and shelter.

Nothing brings out Sasha's patriotism like a novelty fire truck.

For the first part of the parade I wondered if Sasha even knew what was going on.  
Perhaps she thought we were just waiting for the crazy clown and Shriner infested traffic to break, so we could cross the street?


She liked dancing when the marching bands came by though, so I think she figured it out pretty quick.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Parade

Then "They" came.  
As I cowered behind Sasha I told Bill and MaKenzie the story of how at age 6
 I was mercilessly run down by a Shriner in a parade who was driving a little car similar to this one.

My leg was broken and I had to be evacuated down the side of the parade route in an ambulance.
The Shriner Motto: "Helping Cripple Children" was never more true than on that day.

The Shriners even have pirates down here!


Sasha liked the Pirates but MaKenzie, being older, was more wary of their skullduggery.


Sasha shows off the gold that one of the parade leprechauns gave her.

I tried to tell her that leprechaun gold is cursed, but she wouldn't believe me.


She just laughed and told me I was a superstitious old fool.

The next morning she woke up with her finger stuck in her mouth forever.
Who's laughing now!  The Leprechaun's Curse strikes again!


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