Springtime Play

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As she gets older, Sasha's culinary demands become more extravagant.

Every now and then we have to box up some of Sasha's old toys

Of course on the day of the "boxing" Sasha starts playing with stuff she hasn't touched in months. 

So Barney and a some others got a few days reprieve.

Then it was time for a Princess and Fairy Slumber Party!

Tinkerbell and Cinderella had a whole night of food, fun and movies.

MaKenzie teaches Sasha some of her Princess fashion poses.

Sasha teaches MaKenzie some of her sheep handling skills

It was a fun night and everyone stayed up way past their bedtimes

And, unfortunately, the next morning, woke up way before sunrise.

Sasha shows off her new skirt.


It's a sporty little number that all the soccer mommies are wearing when they pick up their babies after practice.

Sasha has fallen asleep in some weird positions before but this precarious pose is a new one!


Saturday, while Daddy was at the movies, Mommy & Sasha went to the the park.


The hardest choice when you arrive at the park is deciding what to play on first.


 After a quick ride down the slide, a schedule falls into place.

Jungle Gym, followed by Whale Bouncer

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Chip Toss

And a quick swing to wrap up the whole program.

Up at the top of Mt. Trashmore, Sasha takes a keen interest in flying kites.
We were gonna get a kite for her and come back the next day but the weather wasn't as nice.
We'll have to wait until next weekend.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Running Around

For now, racing up and down the hill will have to do.

What a great day at the park.  The long cold winter is over and it's time to play!  Hurray!


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