The Great Water Heater Disaster of 2007
 Red Wing Park Gardens

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One morning Holly woke me up at the crack of dawn (7am) to tell me the whole downstairs of the house was flooded.


During the night, the stupid hot water heater had erupted and just continued refilling itself and spilling all over the place.
Here I am being a manly-man and muscling the beast out to the curb.

Note to self:  
STOP storing precious memories next to the hot water heater in the utility closet.


Now if only I knew how to do any pluming or electrical wiring I'd be all set.
Luckily my contractor neighbor Steve was able to coach me through most of it.

Pipes and electricity all in place (I hope) and the hot water flows again.  Hurray!

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another awesome park in Virginia Beach, we found Red Wing Park Garden.

 In addition to walking in the Rose, Japanese, Conservation, Fragrance, and POW Memorial Gardens or on the nature trails, the park offers a variety of sports opportunities. If you did not bring equipment, you can check out basketballs, horseshoes, volleyballs, softballs and gloves, and badminton equipment by presenting a photo ID to the park attendant. Shady picnic shelters, children's playgrounds, softball diamonds, and soccer fields draw many of the 570,000 annual visitors.


Sasha, as always, sets up shop and offers discount woodchips.

This is a super cool park with tons of playground equipment and it's just a couple miles from our house!

Sasha really liked the swings.

I mean she REALLY REALLY REALLY liked the swings!

Especially when Mommy does the pushin'

Holly supervises the red slide.

And stands guard at the blue one.

   This is another fantastic park.  It's starting to be hard to decide what wonderful place to play each day!


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