Grandma & Grandpa: Summer 2007

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Here's some pictures Grandpa took to show off his fancy-pantsy new camera.

The next day we went to pick up Grandma & Grandpa to go to the Botanical Gardens.
Sasha found their cookie stash before we left.

Here's the Happy Little Family waiting for the tram that tours the garden.


A few sights on the tour.

Sasha liked riding on the Ladybug Train!
(the engine of the tram is painted and shaped like a ladybug)

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  1. Garden Tour 1

  2. Garden Tour 2


Many of the flowers, including all these roses, were in full summer bloom.

Holly, Sashi and Grandma take a quick rest before the boat tour begins.

Then Sasha took off somewhere and we had to look for her.


But we found her hanging out down at the boat docks.


At a top speed of about 0.5 knots, Grandpa found it difficult to sit forward.

This first picture is of an Eagle's nest (the dark spot in the tree on the right.)
The second pic is the mother Eagle who was out by the lake hunting for food to feed the babies.

It was a long hot day at the gardens, Sasha catches a nap on the way back to the hotel.


Here's the view of downtown Norfolk from Grandma & Grandpa's window.

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  1. Ghent Walk

Just before Grandma & Grandpa arrived the next day, Sasha sustained the first major injury of her entire life.

She was running through the kitchen and slipped on a patch of water on the floor.  As she was falling she bashed her head, right above her
 eye, on the drawer pull seen above.  You can imagine the velocity with which she hit the knob by noticing the angle that it is now bent.

Here's how the eye looked moments after it happened.  Over the next couple weeks it swelled up and turned purple, yellow 
and probably a few other shades before fading.  Now there seems to be a small scar at the main point of impact. 

Luckily, Grandma & Grandpa showed up with presents and I gave her this sucker.
That seemed to stop her crying.  Nothing ruins a visit faster than a crying two year old who almost just lost an eye!

 Everyone waits impatiently as Alan tries to put the little castle together.


Here's a Turbo Bubble machine that you'll see more of below.

And here's some new outfits!  Hurray for Grandma & Grandpa!


Sasha gives Grandpa his Father's Day card and helps him read it.


He also gets the special present she picked out for him.
A little effigy of herself.  It's kind of like a VooDoo Sasha doll that you hug instead of poke with pins.


After the cool gift from Sasha, Grandpa feigns appreciation of the shirt that came with the card from Holly & Alan.

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  1. Daddy / Daughter

  2. Father's Day

Alan gets his card and clubbed in the head by the little noise maker that Sasha insists she "got for Daddy."

 But I also got a stuffed tiger and some hugs so I guess it was worth the bludgeoning.

Since this was Father's Day, Grandma just quietly reads her book, completely uninterested in the festivities.

Alan prepares The Traditional Visitor's at Our House Shrimp Feast.

Outside, Sasha fires up the Turbo Bubble machine!

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  1. Baller

  2. Sandbox

  3. Bubble Machine Part 1

  4. Bubble Machine Part 2

  5. Bubble Runner

It works pretty good.  Holly captures some Year 4 DVD footage.

We found out later that if you really fill it up with lots of bubble-stuff, you can create a Bubble Blizzard.

The next day Grandma & Grandpa took Holly and Sasha back to the Botanical Gardens.

There's a new feature there that we didn't have time for the other day.


The Children's Adventure Garden!

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  1. World of Wonders 1

  2. World of Wonders 2

  3. World of Wonders 3

Now this looks like a splishy splashy fun zone!


Sasha knows how to "keep cool!"


Thank you for doing all the fun stuff with us Grandma & Grandpa!  We'll see you again soon!


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