Uncle Beans & Aunt Dawn June Visit 

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It was early in June.  Windy and the water was FREEZING!


But nobody vacationing here can resist The Beach.


Some people are even crazy enough to get in the 60 degree water!


Others just like to play in the sand.

But no matter what, it's vacation.  So it's all cool.

Queen Holly models her Pizza Pi Crown.

At Captain George's Seafood Buffet, everyone takes a moment before the feeding frenzy.

It's hard to remember how happy we all looked before the eating began.


But by the end we were all consumed by Seafood Madness!

The next day Uncle Beans & Dawn took the boards and tried another beach.

A couple of obligatory Virginia Beach Boardwalk shots.  Happy couple / Balcony view.

Here's how cheap we are....  We still make Sasha wear her infant bikini.

This was the last time though, I bought her a new one the next day.  She said it was "squeezy"


Dipping a toe to test the water is always smart. 

(Quicktime Required)

  1. The Pool 1

  2. The Pool 2

  3. The Pool 3

Sasha & Uncle Beans are Pool Pals!


An artsy window shot.

Uncle Beans tries to remember which way the ice cream place is.

We probably could have just let Sasha lead us there.  She's got a "nose" for ice cream.


Sasha's usually a pretty neat eater, but give her an ice cream cone and she practically de-evolves.


One day she can take her cone in a cup like Mommy.  It's neater!

Some times it's fun just to hang out at home and pass the Binky.


And give Aunt Dawn Eskimo Kisses!

And show Uncle Beans how sandals work.

Aunt Dawn is good at playing in doll houses.


Uncle Beans shows Sasha his levitation illusion!


Aunt Dawn gets in some quality Sand-box time!

One last evening on the beach.

And one more trip for ice cream at Dairy Queen.

Now that's a perfect visit!


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