Sasha's 3rd Birthday.  The Penguin Party! 

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Here's Holly doing her Martha Stewart impression.


The Happy Feet cake is ready and the house gets decorated while Sasha takes a pre-party nap.

The penguin table is ready for the little birthday birds.


Sasha wakes up to a fully decorated Penguin Party House!

She immediately begins partying.  
Even before everyone gets there she starts eating her blue penguin jello with gummi fish.

Steve gets a seat as close to the food as possible.
Dylan checks out the spread.

Dylan approves, and the party gets started.


First....Lets eat!


Then everyone goes upstairs to see Sasha's new big-girl bed.  
That was her big present from Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman, Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans and Mommy & Daddy.


Then since Sasha's room is filled with fun stuff, the kids all played for a while.


Sophie fixed her makeup at the princess vanity, Sasha did some horse riding, 
Kenzie redecorated the palaces, and Emily checked for flight delays at the Fisher Price Airport

Dylan was tasked with smile patrol over by the door.

For a weird moment, three separate realities aligned as all the girls opened Sasha's Bedroom door to say "hello!"


The next event was Penguin bowling!


It's harder than it looks, but the girls all mastered it eventually.  Then they just wanted to keep taking turns over and over.


Three beers, a few episodes of South Park, three empty cream containers, some construction paper, tape and scissors -
That's what Alan did the night before the party.
I think this second picture looks like it would be the front photo of Sasha's basketball trading card.


After they all mastered penguin bowling, we moved outside for penguin races.


For the penguin races the girls were supposed to run with their knees pressed together.
MaKenzie and Emily understood this.  Sasha did not.


The girls were nice enough, by the third race, to let Sasha win that one.

A little break for some Mega-Bouncing and a backyard bubble storm.

Then back inside for the Penguin Search.  During the races, Holly hid little penguin cards all over the house.

The girls then looked high and low to see who could find the most.


Then they counted up their cards.

Then everyone moved to the Penguin Nest to pick out their winner Penguin Prizes!


The Punching Balloons seemed to be the biggest hit.


A Penguin Punching Battle Royale broke out all over the house.


Time for cake and singing.  But first, Emily makes sure we're all paying attention.


I light the candles and MaKenzie strikes that pose that I now call "The MaKenzie."
We'll probably all see it repeated countless times in the coming year on the runways of Milan and Paris.


Happy Birthday to Sasha.....  Happy Birthday to you!


Sasha carefully considers,  then casts her wish spell upon the cake.


Sasha is then immediately upset that her perennial wish for a pet monkey didn't produce said monkey.

One of my personal favorite occasions at any birthday party is watching Sophia eat cake and ice cream.

While everyone enjoys some cake, Sasha sneaks off to play with the princess stamp kit that MaKenzie won at the Penguin Games.
(Sasha was so upset that she didn't win this prize that I had to go buy her one as soon as the party was over)

The present opening begins!


Like some old-fashioned turn of the century waif, Sasha is enamored with pinwheels.  Michelle knows this and feeds her habit.

Hello Kitty movies and Dora blocks.  Sasha's friends know what she likes!

Some puppets from Mommy and Daddy.  
These might come in handy later when we do some role playing exercises to teach Sasha how to cope 
with not winning Princess Stamp pads in the future.


A rare picture of Alan at the party.  
Sasha tears into another gift.

Now it's time for the big one!  
A Leap Frog Learning desk from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher that Sasha now refers to as her Frog Jumping school.

This Tinkerbelle card makes little tinkling bell music.  Sasha was briefly fascinated by it.

A few more presents, and then back to the singing card again.

Finally, after Amy creates a picturesque swag pile, Sasha surveys her haul.

But instead of playing with the new toys, Sasha finds the most fun in bopping balloons.

Bill crowns himself "The Balloon King" and ushers in a new age of Balloony fun!


Sasha is the first to join in the Balloon King's cause.

She then attempts to gather support for her King.

At the Balloon Tip-Off, Sasha has "the reach" over Dylan

As the kids focus changes to Dora blocks, The Balloon King loses interest and falls fast asleep.


Dylan rustles some stray cows down on the farm.


The Penguin party winds down.  It was a super-fun day and a great party!

We hope you had a fun Birthday Sasha!  Happy Big Three, Little One!


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