Captions by Sasha Kai

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Look what Mommy & Daddy did to my bedroom while I was at School today!


When I opened the door it was a huge surprise!  A Hello Kitty Big-Girl Bed!

This is the coolest thing I have every seen.  I can't believe this is happening to me!

It's like I won a Showcase Showdown on the Price is Right!

This canopy is so cool.  And the bed is big and soft!

I love this!  I can't wait to have sleepovers with my friends!


I wish I was tired right now.  I wanna sleep in my bed, but it's still light outside and my eyes aren't sleepy!


 I'll just try out a few more positions, make sure everything's in working order.

I love my new bed so much!  
Thank you Mommy & Daddy and Uncle Beans & Aunt Dawn
for my early Birthday present!




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