Bubblin' Through July   

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July begins with much anticipation of Sasha's birthday and, of course, The Simpsons Movie


Night sliding.  It's dangerous, but Sasha likes to live on the edge.


The water at the beach this year didn't really warm up until July.


Sasha enjoys a traditional beach peach.


Then she kinda dropped off and took a nap.


Holly kept an eye on her while I tried to go surfing.  Unfortunately, the surf has been totally flat all summer.


Here's Sasha walkin' around with pockets full of dolls.  I have no idea what she was doing.

Here's the new water park that MaKenzie's dad found for this summer.


This day, unfortunately, seems to have made Sasha afraid of the water for the rest of the summer.

Things were still fine at this point.  We were playing in the pool and riding slides.


Then she noticed the baby pool and wanted to try it out.  I should have taken the life jacket off her.


About 5 seconds after this picture was taken, Sasha tipped over and couldn't stand back up because the life jacket kept her off balance.
I ran out into the center of the pool and grabbed her, but not before she gulped down a few mouthfuls of baby pool water.
Ever since this incident, she's been afraid to go in the water at the pool, at the beach, and she's even a little stressed in the bathtub.

This ice cream cone made her forget about "the Incident" for a while.


Ice cream can pretty much distract Sasha from anything.  It has that power.


OK, if you remember last year, the fireworks didn't quite go as I expected.  Sasha was terrified of them.

We hoped this year would be different.  She was excited all day to go see the fireworks.

We had a great time waiting for the show to start.


Sasha was OK for a couple seconds....

But then she got scared.

 The funny thing was that even though Holly held her and kept her ears covered (it's really the sound that scares her)
she refuses to even look at the fireworks.


It's like, to her, seeing the fireworks and hearing them can't be separated.  She's an all or nothing kinda girl.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Fireworks Part 1

  2. Fireworks Part 2


Sasha likes to water the little rainbow that lives in front of our house.


She's been doing a good job taking care of her garden this summer.

She gets kinda dangerous with the hose though.

She's a menace really.  Watch out if you're around during watering time!


These kept getting rained out last summer, but we finally got to see one a few weeks ago.


At Mt. Trashmore, throughout the summer they have free kids movies in the evening.


Sasha's favorite movie lately has been the new Charlotte's Web.


And that just happened to be the movie playing at the hill this night.


As usual, Sasha was more into the candy.  MaKenzie followed her lead.


And then when they got home, of course, they needed ice cream sundaes.

At the end of the night it was time for a story and sleepy-time in Sasha's new Princess Bed.

 We've been having some serious bubble storms down here this year.

Sasha's usually able to chase em' down with her pokin' finger and keep us safe.

Usually a bubble storm of this magnitude is followed by an impromptu game of hide and seek.

The back yard doesn't offer much cover but Sasha finds a good place under the slide.

She also, like a ostrich, thinks if she can't see you, then she's hidden.  Behind the basketball backboard is another favorite spot.

July comes to a close with a three-pointer!

Coming next:  Sasha's 3rd Birthday!


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