Sasha's Halloween 2007 Spooktacular Frightfest of Fun!

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Halloween Sasha Grams
Halloween Costume: Preview 1
Halloween Costume: Preview 2

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Hi!  It's me Sasha!  And these are the pictures of my super-fun Halloween Week!

They cancelled the Halloween parade and carnival down at the beach for some reason, so Mommy & Daddy had to find other stuff for me to do.

We started off at the Chesapeake YMCA.  It was supposed to be a Trunk-or-Treating carnival but it rained that night so they moved it indoors.

It was fun.  They had balloons and candy and stuff.


And while candy is really my thing, I'm also into balloons, so it was all cool.

Check this out!  Daddy called it a "tootie rolled" or something.  

I don't know what it was but I ate the whole thing in like 30 seconds!

Daddy was kinda disappointed in the YMCA party so he took me over to the BowCreek Community Center party over by our house.

We got there just in time to get more candy and play all the games.

I'm good at these games where you toss things into holes and stuff.

I like to pick out just the right candy prize.  Lets see what's left to play...

 There was no more candy left at this station, but I couldn't resist showing everyone my game.

These are pictures I drew.  The first one is a self portrait.  Daddy copied it onto my Halloween pumpkin!
The second one is Me, Mommy and Daddy and the sun.


Daddy took me to the Air & Space museum in Hampton for their Halloween Party and Costume contest.

There was tons of cool stuff to play with and lots of candy!

Because they had a costume contest with big prizes, Daddy thought we should wear our Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat outfits from last Halloween.


People loved our costumes but there were some really really good ones there.


These Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes and this kid dressed up like Pinocchio both won for their age divisions.
Me and Daddy were right in line in the parade behind Pinocchio, that's probably why we didn't win.   
I told him to get behind someone with a less original costume but he never listens.  He just doesn't understand the politics of these things.

For the older kids we went up to the second tier to get a better look at the parades.

Well we didn't win but I got tons of swag and isn't that the real meaning of Halloween?

The next day we gathered at MaKenzie's house for the big Trunk-or-Treat celebration at Sophia's church.


First we all ate pizza and played for a while.


Then it was time to suit up!


I was a witch, Dylan was the Scarecrow and MaKenzie was Dorothy from some movie called "The Blizzard of Fonz" or something.


And Presley was Toto.  They tell me that was the name of Dorothy's puppy in the movie.  I'll have to check that flick out some time.


Emily was a Cheerleader and I was just getting impatient to go get that candy.

All right already, enough with the pictures.  We got business here!

These surfer chicks gave me some rad treats and these Oompa Loompas had some Wonka treats ready for me too!


It was kind of chilly tonight so Daddy let me wear his sweatshirt.  It still kinda looked like a witch outfit so everything was cool.


This Nightmare Before Christmas Trunk was pretty cool.


MaKenzie met herself from the future.  That was kinda weird and creepy.


This pirate had good candy too.  Pirates know how to party!


This Great Pumpkin trunk was like my Charlie Brown DVD that I watched about 100 times this month!


This was a fun night,  I love Truck-or-Treating!


Now I gotta start focusing on Halloween night.

Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans sent me something in the mail!  I love getting stuff in the mail!


Yogos and Hello Kitty Fruit snacks and Sponge Bob sticker books!  Hurray!


God, I love sticker books!  And this custom Trick or Treat bag will come in handy tonight when I'm out in the neighborhood.
Thanks Uncle Beans and Aunt Dawn!  You guys are alright!


Daddy told me to design my own pumpkin, but I told him to just use the self portrait I drew a few weeks earlier.

I also insisted on a Kitty Pumpkin.  That one is always my favorite.


Me and Mommy hand out treats to the kids!


Then Daddy took me around the neighborhood.  The "Halloween House" was awesome again this year.  I got a Teddy Bear!  Now that's a treat!


I got kinda tired early so Daddy carried me back home and me and Mommy gave out more candy.


There were lots of "customers".  I'm good at giving out candy.  I can give it as good as I get it!

 This creepy giant spider showed up over on our bush.  Daddy ran in the house when he saw it and wouldn't come out again for the rest of the night.

So I just hung out and gave out the rest of the candy myself.

At the end of the night I did a little Happy Feet Penguin dance to mark the end of another successful Halloween Extravaganza!

Now I gotta start planning for next year.  Only 364 more days to go!


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