Valentine's Day and all the Candy

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MaKenzie & Sasha take turns "babysitting" Little Dylan

And when Sasha gets home she has a whole doll house full of little girls to take care of.

Sasha sat still through her 2nd haircut so she was rewarded with a Marshmallow Kitty Pop.


And the month of candy eating officially begins!

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  1. Mine!

  2. I Want a Car

Here's Sasha goofing off while eating lunch with Daddy.


She's so excited about all the Valentine's candy on the way, just thinking about it makes her happy!


Here she is narrowly passing her candy sobriety test.  She seems to be going a little crazy with anticipation. 


Sasha gets really excited when she gets to eat things with tooth picks.


Yup!  Everything tastes better off the end of a toothpick.


Valentine's candy needs eating?  This is a job for Super Sasha!


A mysterious package arrives in the mail.


Valentines from Grandma & Grandpa and Pompa in Florida!


Sasha quickly opens her cards.

So she can get to the sweet sweet "good stuff."

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  1. Yummy!

The sweet chocolaty good stuff!


Mommy and Sasha make a toast to Grandma, Grandpa & Pompa!


Now Sasha and her baby must wait until actual Valentine's Day gets here.


Maybe we shouldn't have opened that package so early, now there might not be any candy on Valentine's Day!


Sasha tries not to think about it.


Building with her blocks help pass the time.

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  1. Uncle Bean's House 1

  2. Uncle Bean's House 2

But soon it's just a waiting game.

"Come on Valentine's Day, hurry up and get here so I can have more candy!"

And the next day, it happened.  Valentine's Day!  Hurray!

A card and some (candy money?) from Grandma & Grandpa Wiseman.

And lots more candy from Mommy & Daddy!

Daddy likes chocolate too.  Chocolate kisses!

Then after a few more candies, Daddy teaches Sasha the fine art of pixie sticking.

Sasha was a natural.

What's that in your mouth now you naughty little girl?

More chocolate!

And then just when we thought it was over and Sasha was all dressed in her PJ's and ready for bed....

Mary, our neighbor, brings over 3 Valentine's Day Goodie Bags full of....  More Candy!

We tell Sasha that she has to stop eating candy for the night and she is not pleased.
Mommy is able to convince her that there will still be more candy to eat tomorrow.

And this makes Sasha happy.  Happy as a kid with a huge bag of candy.


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