Everything in December Before Christmas

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We started December off by feeding the birds in the front yard. 

Sasha likes to give some to the birds and eat some herself.


Then we went to the Animatronic Christmas Displays in Downtown Portsmouth.


Sasha watched this juggling Hippie Clown outside before we went in.

But soon she lost interest and headed off to see more "Christmas Robots."


The whole top floor of the old courthouse was filled with robot displays.


There were all kinds of toy trains and other Christmas stuff.

Singing elves and snowmen.

Robot Penguins and more trains.

Elves building toys...

And answering Santa's mail.

Elves wrapping presents and baking cookies and cakes.

All while Santa lounged about doing nothing.


While Sasha was distracted by one of the trains, the real Santa (a singing Santa!) came in and started his show.

And since we were the only people there at that time, it was like Santa was singing just for Sasha!
Sasha and Santa got to hang out together.


Then we walked over to the Children's museum for free carousel and train rides.


The kid train was fun.

The engineer drove us really fast all around the courtyard of the museum.

Then that night we went to the Christmas parade down at the boardwalk in Virginia Beach.

It was freezing cold this night.


It was almost too cold to eat pizza!  Almost.


We toughed it out to see the end of the parade with Santa.

Sasha starts work on her Christmas presents for everyone in the family.

Sasha picked out all the ornaments and stuff at the craft shop.

She then spent weeks (literally) painting each one and telling us who they were for.

This year Sasha went to the Christmas Wonderland at Hunt Club Farms.


They had a whole barn filled with Christmas Robot displays too!

It's a giant maze that you walk through with all kinds of displays.


More elves and animals singing and making toys.

Outside, the whole farm and petting zoo is lit up with Christmas lights.

Sasha loved it!

We looked at all the light displays.


And played on the playground.

Sasha's favorite was the light maze.


She ran around in this maze forever.

Then we stopped to see the Christmas baby Bunnies.

Then...for the first time ever...Sasha roasted marshmallows over a fire!

It was fun, but the marshmallows were hot!

Cooking them is lots of fun!  "Hey this one looks done!"

Then we saw the real life animal manger scene.

It was so cool we had to tell our friends about this place.

2 Days later we came back with Mommy and MaKenzie and Bill and Michelle.

They got to see the Christmas Robots too!


Sasha showed Mommy all the cool stuff.

MaKenzie and her Mommy and Daddy had fun too!

"Fishing bears!"

Sasha shows Mommy how to toast the marshmallows really good.

She's kind of a pro now.

"This is a pretty cool place?  Right Mommy?"

"Look!  Turkeys!"

The turkeys chased Sasha and Makenzie into the light maze!

Sasha made her way through the maze.

And found Mommy in a hole at the end!

"Can we come back here next Christmas Mommy & Daddy?"

"I love it here!  It's soooooooo fun!"


"Hey!  Look over there, it's a reindeer!"

"I can't wait for Christmas!"


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