The rest of August

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This is the new playground they just built at the park down the road.


Or as Sasha calls it "My playground".

This is where she meets all of her friends.
Her "friends" are anyone else who comes to play at "her" playground.


It's got new swings.  And Sasha likes nothing better than a "fresh" swing.


She really likes it!


To swing is her thing!


It also has big-kid swings!

Those are good for tummy swinging.

Even Daddy can sit on the swings but he's so heavy he needs a push.


Tummy swinging is kinda like flying.  Or so I've been told.


And finally, the chimes toll for Sasha and the wheel turns.


Holly's department at ODU kicked off the semester with a tall ship cruise up and down the Elizabeth River.

Alan came along for the ride.

But since he's not part of the Sociology Department they put him to work.

It was a twilight cruise past the city and shipyards.


"Norfolk at night.  If Alan wasn't below swabbing out the hold he would have loved to have seen this."

Sasha plays it cool down at the boardwalk for the East Coast Surfing Championships.

The way to kick off a good festival is with a funnel cake and a gigantic lemonade.


Right Sasha?

The event we really wanted to see this year was the Super Groms..

This division is “free” and is for competitors 9 years or younger.  
Their parents typically go out in the water with them and “push them into waves”.  They often have competitors as young as 3 years old!


Hopefully I'll be out there pushing Sasha into the waves in the years to come!

This year Sasha is phobic about the water for some reason so maybe we'll get started on surfing next summer?

These two little girls were tearing it up out there.  Hopefully Sasha will be inspired.

She seemed to get interested as the competition went along.


Finally after this set was done we decided to head over to the Capri Sun skate expo for some fee juice bags.

Sasha grabbed like 3 flavors and insisted on drinking them all at the same time.


There were bikers, skateboarders and inline skaters on the half pipe.


At one point they all got in there and rode at the same time, jumping over each other.  That was cool.


It wasn't the very big ramp but they were getting some big air!

Sasha has fun.  Summer in Virginia Beach rocks!


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