The End of March and Everything Else in April Except for the Stuff in Michigan

(Captions by Sasha)

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One Day at the end of March Mommy & Daddy took me to my favorite Pizza place down at the beach.

Here's me showing off some of my new pajamas.


If Daddy keeps the camera out too long, I try to make some goofy faces to mess with him.


Here I am brushing my teeth.

I'm getting pretty good at it, but mostly I just like to eat the toothpaste.

Here's me posing with that guy on the Stephen Show that Mommy and Daddy watch every night.


It's already super nice here by the end of March so we can go play in the sand at the beach.

Me and Mommy make castles.

Daddy tried to fly my kite but it wasn't windy enough.  That's fine with me cause it was more fun playing with Mommy anyway.

At the end of March my friend Sophia had her 2nd Birthday!

Birthday parties at other kids houses are fun because there's a bunch of new toys to play with!

Here's Jess & Michelle & Daddy eating the birthday food.  


I was showing my friend Dylan how to ride horsey.  Dylan is my new "baby friend".


 Sophia and MaKenzie and me all play in this blow up ball tent.


Then we open presents!  
Presents are the best part of a party but none of these were for me so it wasn't that fun.

But then we went out and beat Elmo with a stick until candy came out.


That was fun!  And there was candy everywhere!


Long after the other kids lost interest I kept looking.  I LOVE CANDY!


I even went over and checked the body in case there was some still stuck inside.
I checked his pulse (like I see on that House show Mommy & Daddy watch) then did a full cavity search.


Emily got more candy than me because she's older and her arms are bigger and can hold more candy.  No Fair!

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Sophia.  I'm a good singer.  I know all the words.

I kept pushing my napkin over towards Amy so she would know I wanted some cake as soon as possible.


Here's me and Mommy before we left Virginia Beach to go up to visit my cousins in Michigan.

I love Mommy.  This tree is pretty like Mommy.


I can pull on the branch and it makes a rain of flowers fall on us!


Then I can pick the pedals off Mommy!



Daddy took me to a Children's Festival at Mt. Trashmore the week after we got back from visiting up North.

As soon as I saw this Dinosaur Moonwalk I knew I was destined to jump in it.


It was so awesome.  I bounced all around like crazy until I was so tired I could barely stand up.


Then I hopped out and we played some games and I won prizes and candy!

Then I saw this giant 2 story tall  wave slide.  
I climbed halfway up and got stuck so daddy had to climb up and rescue me and he carried me up to the top and then slid down with me 
but Daddy is so fat he kind of deflated the slide so it was more like we bounce / rolled down.

Then Daddy let me jump in this Tiger bouncer.  That was cool too.


Then I took a little rest in Daddy's lap because bouncing makes you tired.

But before we had to go I needed to drive this Fire Truck.  It's just one of those things I have to do when I see a Fire Truck .


At school Sophia and I try to be the best students in our Culinary Arts program.
We made Easy Bake cupcakes the other day!


Then we danced and danced and danced.


Sometimes I just like to dress up like Tinkerbell.


Daddy said I caught a cold bouncing with all those kids in the moonwalks last weekend.
When I'm sick I can sleep just about anywhere.

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  1. Chocky Pocky

The next weekend I felt a little better so Mommy took me to the park to play.

Then I went to MaKenzie's Princess Party!  I was Snow White!
Daddy took my Binky away to take this picture of me and it made me cry.  Daddy's a jerk like that sometimes.


I collected flowers from the neighbor's garden before the party to give to my friends.

Here's me and my best friend MaKenzie.  We're princesses!


We played outside in the backyard for a while.
"Here Daddy, I don't like this flavor so you can have it."

But then I had to play on the slide.
"Daddy!  get out of the way so I can slide!"



Here's Dylan again with his Daddy.  
Then I got in MaKenzie's castle (which I called "My" castle) while everybody colored it.


 Look Mommy!  I'm a Princess!  Princess Sasha loves Mommy.


MaKenzie had a cool double layer Castle Cake.

 Daddy wants me to smile for this picture, but I'm not gonna do it.


Instead I'm gonna go outside and water my new garden that I planted yesterday with some help from Daddy.

Now I'll sit and watch my flowers grow.
Bye bye everyone!


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