Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans Come to Visit Sasha!

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Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans came to visit me in Virginia Beach!

First I took them on a bike ride down the boardwalk at the ocean front with Mommy & Daddy.

Daddy & UB (Uncle Beans)


"Hi Mommy!  I see you over there!  Weeeeeeeeee!

Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans ride too fast!  Hey!  Slow down you two!

Come on, keep up Mommy!  We're going to see the World's Tallest Sand Castle!
(This was being built in preparation for next week's Neptune Festival)

Aunt Dawn tried to distract the workers by whistling at them.

I hope it doesn't rain before the festival next weekend.  Or this might just be the Worlds Tallest Soggy Sandy Disappointment.


Uncle Beans & Aunt Dawn pose with King Neptune
(That's Princess Ariel's Daddy in the Little Mermaid which comes out on DVD this Tuesday!  Hint, Hint.  :)


After the bike ride we ate pizza.  Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans like the same food as me!

Then we went to their fancy hotel room to go swimming.

But first we relaxed a bit.  That bike ride was exhausting.


Mommy & Daddy still make me wear this baby-robe to the pool sometimes.  But I'm not a baby!


The pool was freezing cold but Uncle Beans got in with me.  He's nice!


And fun!  He pushed me all around in my yacht.


We could see the ocean from the pool.  It was neato!


Then we went back to my house and I showed Aunt Dawn and Uncle Beans my room and some of my toys and books.


Then me and Aunt Dawn had a Tea Party!

I love Tea Parties!  Aunt Dawn likes tea parties too so we can be tea-pals!

Then I took them out in the backyard and showed them my new vacation cottage.

This is where I come to relax in the evenings and on weekends.

Hey Uncle Beans and Daddy!  Over here!  Pay attention.  I'm showing you my cottage.

This is the interior, and this is the view from my front window where I can say "Hi" to people as they pass by.

That night, Mommy & Daddy took me to MaKenzie's house and they had a NEW PUPPY!
His name is Presley.  He's The King of Pup!

Mommy & Daddy left me here to play with MaKenzie and the puppy while they went with Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans to go see some band.


I think they were called The Raconteurs or something.


There's this guy they know in the band named Brendan Benson.  
And I think that guy from The White Stripes is in it too.

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