Sasha Kai: Beach Baby

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Sasha plays with her Scooby Doo action figures.  She has renamed them all after everyone at the house.
Mommy is Velma, Daddy is Shaggy, Mishka is Scooby, Daphne is Sasha and Fred is nobody.  She doesn't really play with Fred.

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I dropped Holly & Sasha off at this Kids Safety Fair while I ran to the bank to deposit a check.
I returned 20 minutes later to find they had been taken into custody by MacGruff The Crime Dog.

 The only thing Sasha learned at the fair was that after you are arrested, they give you a sucker upon your release.
So I guess crime does pay.

The next day Slick Shades Sasha Shows Super Surf Style at the Sea Shore.
(Say that three times fast!)


The consequences of sitting on Daddy's lap are...

...that he makes fun of you behind your back when pictures are taken!

A beach dance with Mommy.  One two three, one two three....spin!

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The surf is all foamy!  Lets go get Daddy and go play in it!


Sasha runs straight out toward the surf.  She's fearless until the first wave hits her.

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As long as Daddy holds onto her hand... Everything will be alright.


And it's fun!  The Beach is FUN FUN FUN!  Sasha loves it here.

We can run back and forth and Daddy pretends to never get tired of it!

Mommy cheers Sasha on as she digs in the sand.

Digging for no reason.  Now that's entertainment!


Now for some sand doodling.  Sasha's sketch of Snoopy is pretty good.

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  1. Beach Baby 4


Daddy's Bart Simpson is less impressive.


But Daddy tosses Sasha up in the air a few times and she forgets about his mediocre art skills.

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Sasha begins collecting shells and sticks.

The most impressive finds are brought to Mommy as an offering of respect and love.


The surf washed little sticks and straw all over the beach!


Sasha, the little environmentalist, decides the debris must be cleared and takes it upon herself to accomplish this weeks beach cleaning.
Mommy looks on with pride but does not offer to help.


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