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Sasha takes her new birthday Big Wheel out for a test drive.


Even though daddy taped blocks to the pedals, she still can't reach them.
She needs extra propulsionary measures.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Big Wheel on the Block 1

  2. Big Wheel on the Block 2

The tow rope works well, and Sasha can slalom behind.  It's fun!


Sasha thinks about organizing a baby biker gang on the block.  The Butterfly Biker Brigade.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Big Wheel on the Block 3

  2. Big Wheel on the Block 4

Sometimes the bike needs a push-start to get going.  Then you hop on from the back and ride!

Alrighty Sashi, let's park the bike and go with MaKenzie to the zoo!  OK?


"Here we are!  That was quick.  The Zoo!  The Zoo!"


"Mommy and me came here earlier in the year.  It was fun!"

"Hey!  That Prairie Dog is looking at me!  I wonder if he remembers?
Hi Prairie Dog, it's me, Sasha!"


Next we visited the most exotic animals the zoo has to offer. 
Kingdom: Animalia, Phylum: Chordata, Class: Aves, Order: Anseriformes,  and Family: Anatidae - a.k.a Duckies!

Unfortunately, Sasha had to witness the raw savagery of nature. 
Seconds after the picture was taken, this rogue turtle devoured an unsuspecting duck.

These Wild turkey birds were running all over the zoo, until Sasha cornered them and told them to stay put.
That's they way you deal with Turkeys!

Sasha takes a seat in the Butterfly Princess Throne.


Now it's the Butterfly Buddies Bench!


MaKenzie and Sasha go on a Butterfly  Expedition.

Look they found one!  The Expedition was a success.  They can now report their findings to the Museum of Natural History.
Journal Entry of Sasha Kai: On this tenth day of September in the year two thousand and six we discovered a little yellow butterfly at the zoo.  I have decided to name this species after my beloved mother, it shall henceforth be known as a "Virginia Yellow Mommy."


"Those must be the smallest elephants in the world!"


"Oh wait, up close they're much bigger.  Almost as big as those baby birds over there!"
(Sasha is still having trouble understanding perspective and distance.)

Sasha & Daddy take a rest.  Walking around the zoo is hard work for a fat lazy Daddy!

Sasha and an owl enter into an epic stare-down contest.
Two hours later we came back to find Sasha passed out with her eyes crusted over and the owl crying on the floor of it's cage.

Then we went to see Giraffes! 


If we had only stayed at this exhibit a few moments longer
 we could have seen the 3pm Giraffe Vs. Ostrich Animal Gladiatorial Battle that the zoo advertises as "A bloody fight to the death"


But Sasha wanted to see the Rhino eating grass instead.

Munch, munch, munch.  Watching the Rhino eat grass reminded Sasha that she wanted to eat some Dippin' Dots!
(Or as they've been called since 1977,  "The Ice Cream of the Future!")

I guess they are pretty yummy and fun.  Unfortunately we had to cut our treat-time short when we were attacked by bees.
Bee Attacks:  It's one of those warnings on the "Dippin Dots" bowl that you never take seriously until it happens to you.

But we all survived.  And really, isn't that all that matters after a day-trip to the zoo?


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