Sk8er Bash 2006

Benefit to rebuild the Mt. Trashmore Skate Park

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This map of the park is a little outdated.  
The Phase 2 (#3) half pipe has now been built and was opened this Spring.

This is what the bowl section known as Mission Control looked like before August 16, 2006

Unfortunately, because of some jerk-wad idiot kids, this is what it looked like after August 16, 2006

They cleared out the debris and rebuilt some of the smaller ramps on time for Sk8er Bash.

And the steel structure half pipe was not affected by the fire.

Which made Sasha Happy.  

Cuz she wanted to see some kids riding the air!


And she wasn't disappointed.  The kids were going crazy this year.  Especially on the new half pipe.


Sasha heads over to check out the littler kids working the street ramps.

The young kids ride hard.


Sasha decides this little guy might make a good boyfriend some day.


But then she sees a couple more Pee-Wee Hawks and can't make up her mind.

We took a break from the skaters and ran up Mt. Trashmore.

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  1. Mt. Trashmore

Then we rolled around the grass for a while.


And looked up at the clouds.  Sasha saw a ducky and a doughnut and a mouse.

All I saw was this formation that looked like the Navy's Blue Angel Fight Demonstration Squadron

back at the vert ramp the skaters were still flying high.

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  1. Sk8er boi

Sasha decided that in a few years she would have to try this ramp.


It looked like fun and she figured she understood the basics.


Just ride back and forth, up and down and fly at each end.  No problem!

 Except for this guy.  He forgot his board on the way back down.

 Sasha was in a hurry to get home and try out some of the moves she had seen today.


First she worked on her balance.

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  1. Skate 1

  2. Skate 2

  3. Skate 3


Then a little leg kicking action.

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  1. Skate 4

  2. Skate 5

  3. Skate 6

Finally Daddy helped her with an actual tandem skate down the street.

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  1. Daddy Daughter Skate 1

  2. Daddy Daughter Skate 2

Sasha insisted we repeat the ride 10 or 12 times 
and then a few more times for Mommy when she came out to see what we were doing.

Sasha's a natural.  And even when she fell she got right back up and tried again.  
And she's got the scraped up knees and elbows to prove it.  We're so proud.


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