Emily's Birthday Party !

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This is my friend Emily and this is Emily's 7th Birthday party at the Jumpin' Monkey

The Jumpin' Monkey is a really cool place.

It's got all kinds of big inflatable slides and moonwalks and stuff to climb on.

This is a maze of inflatable trees that leads to the ladder to the giant slide.

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  2. Party Slide 2

I love the Giant Slide.  I was one of the littlest kids but I could climb all the way up to the top all by myself!

I'm super strong!

And Fearless!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hey what's in here?

O.K.  Which one of you babies think you got game?  I will take you to school!  Nursery School that is!

And now for the next best part of the party.

Cake and Ice Cream and Apple Juice.

Even though it was her party, the people at the Jumpin' Monkey made Emily work, handing out spoons and forks and stuff.


I was glad she gave me a fork or I woulda had to eat all the cake and ice cream with my fingers.

Then it was present opening time!  I love presents!  Just being around them makes me happy.

Then the party was over.  I said "goodbye' to my friends.
Happy Birthday Emily!


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