Grandma & Gramdpa Vs.
Tropical Depression Ernesto 

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Hey Sashi.  Grandma & Grandpa are gonna be here any minute.  Lets practice some smiles!


Ok, I'll go first, then you do what I do.  Got it?


Good.  Good!  Those are some great smiles baby!

The next morning the storm was blowing outside.  Grandma & Grandpa escaped from their hotel before it was blown out to sea.


At our house, Sasha was busy working in her kitchen as Grandpa accompanied her on the Fish Piano.

After lunch we sat for a while and visited.  Sasha did some leg lifts.

And silly Grandma tried to eat her foot!  Grandma is funny.

Then it was story-time with Grandpa.

Grandpa is fun!  He reads good stories!

Later that evening as the storm calmed, we went to the mall.


Sasha played while Grandma & Grandpa went to their favorite store - Dillards!

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  4. Play4


The weather had brought a lot of hyped up kids out to the mall.

And Sasha fit right in.  She was all over the place!


The next morning Sasha announced that she wanted to go swimming!


She helped Grandma finish her smoothie.


 Then showed Grandma her lovely jewelry collection.


Then it was off to Grandma & Grandpa's new hotel.


And more importantly, the big new pool!

Sasha and her Grandpa-powered boat patrol the pool.

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Sasha loves swimming pools!


And racing about in her new floaty-boat.


Even Grandma got in to push her around for a bit.


That evening Sasha and Mishka, sleepy from the days exertions, sat with Grandpa for a brief cuddle before bed.

The next morning it was off to the beach for a quick swim before Grandma & Grandpa had to catch their plane back to Michigan.


The beach was fun but the storm had left some giant waves behind.  A little too big to play in, but it was fun anyway!


Then Sasha got dressed to see Grandma & Grandpa off, and go to her friend Emily's Birthday Party.

Bye bye Grandma & Grandpa.  We had a fun time visiting with you!


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