The 5 Days of Halloween 2006
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  1. Halloween Message 1

This was the first Costume Test Run for Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat


For those of you who, for some reason don't know Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat, here's a picture on the left for reference.

Sasha gets Monkey'd-Up for the first of many times over the next week.

We wanted to give Grandma & Grandpa a sneak preview before they went home.

The official kick-off of The Five Days of Halloween started on Friday October 27th.

We made our debut at the Bow Creek Community Center Halloween Carnival.

There were lots of games for all the kids to play.  Sasha was excited about this hockey game.  Pretty good stick work, eh?

She found a loophole in the mini pumpkin toss game by crawling up onto the game board and dropping them into the holes.


The same technique was applied to the mini-football toss.

After each station they would get their ID tags marked, then treats were presented.

After about an hour the kids all queued up for the Halloween Costume Contest.

This Cute Baby Witch was popular.  Sasha liked her costume.  She came in 2nd place.

This Little Princess came in 1st place while Sasha and I came in 5th.  Her prize was this coloring book.


After the contest, as people came up to take our picture or have their picture taken with us, 
we were told that the judges were crazy and that we were by far the 1st place costume.

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