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Here we are!  We got to the Neptune Festival a little later in the day this year.

I wanted to see this specific band, called Island Boy, featuring our neighbor Dana.
Turns out he quit the band so we ended up just watching his old band for a while.


We also ate cheese fries and funnel cakes.


Well, Sashi & Daddy ate the cheese fries after Sashi & Mommy ate funnel cake.


Then Sasha found a group of cool kids to play and dance with.


So since she had made friends we ended up staying and listening to the band even longer.


Here they are playing Ring-Around-the Rosie in front of the Port-a-Potties.  
It's one of our quaint customs in the South, that children sing and dance while we pee.


Soon Sasha wanted to go "right over there" to the stage and show the band some of her new dance moves.


Sasha & her friends rocked out to covers of Funky Town and Brick House.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Neptune Dancing 
    (Note: Turn down volume.  Music is very loud and distorted.)


Finally her friends brought her back to us so we could go see some of the art and eat more food.


The sailboat regatta seemed to be underway but apparently none of the captains knew which direction to race.

As we waited for Mommy to get her traditional PeTA Sponsored lunch,
The PeTA Propagandists cruelly assaulted Sasha with their anti-cruelty brochures.

Sasha seemed pleased with her comic book that detailed the horrific lives of chickens.

And Mommy was pleased with her veggie burger and fries.

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Here's Sasha and Daddy at the Blue Fish, for our Annual Neptune Festival Blue Fish Picture.


Both Sasha and Daddy are getting bigger every year!
Sasha gets taller and Daddy gets wider.

Here's a few more pictures at the fish.  
We took a lot and ended up with a few extra "good ones."

Mommy & Sasha start a Pink Fish picture tradition!


Then the police came and arrested us for climbing on the fishes.
We blamed Sasha "She made us do it!", and since she was a minor, they had to let us go with a warning.


This castle was my second favorite, but now that I see the pictures it's probably my favorite.
All those arches couldn't have been easy.

And once Sasha decided to destroy them we saw how fragile they really were.


I don't remember why I took 2 pictures of this one.


Sasha liked this middle one because it had babies!  Lots of babies.  "Hi babies!"

At first, I was mad at the sand sculptors for making this obvious effigy of me in the middle picture,
but they explained it was just some guy they know named Buddha, who apparently just coincidentally looks like me.

This first picture would have been more impressive if I would have taken a shot from the front.  
But Sasha ran around back to see what was behind the sand wall and then got distracted by this other castle.


This one was pretty cool.  From each side it had this same face,
but from the front it looked like this.  Neato!

This "gigantic drunk pirate" was good and the "Atlantis on Poseidon's head" explains where that city ended up,
But this last one of Neptune wrestling a shark didn't quite make sense to me.  Just seemed too far fetched.

One for the troops.

And then this last one was actually my favorite.
The detail is sort of lost because the hotel shadow was blocking out the sun at this time of day.


Finally we headed back to the car.  It was a fun day at the festival and Sasha was getting tired.


But not too tired to keep running ahead!
Hey look, I think I see that Buddha guy in the background again!

Here's MaKenzie and Sasha playing dress-up.  First as Princesses.

Then as Fairy Princesses!

Then as angry Fairy Princesses.

And finally as Happy Fairy Princesses.


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