Autumn 2006  

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MaKenzie and her Mom and Dad take Sasha to a Picnic at the park!

They will be playing some baseball, 
so it's good to get in some practice swings before the game.

Sasha's got a pretty good stance but her golf swing needs a little work.

"Hey batter ...batter....batter... SWING!"
Sasha's demoralization campaign against the other team was considered bad sportsmanship, but they let her finish the game anyway.

MaKenzie hits a base run line drive to left field!  The crowd goes wild!

Sasha's up.  She points her bat toward the center field bleachers.  And swings away!

She's passes first, then second base and starts to round third!


They're waving her in!  They're waving her in!  It's a home run!  They win the series!  Hurray!

Now for some Frisbee.  Sasha easily moves from one sport to another.  She's like the Bo Jackson of Baseball & Frisbee.

Although more of a hobby than a sport, with just one lesson from MaKenzie, Sasha becomes a pro-dandelion blower.

Here she is showing her technique.  The rookie kid from Virginia Beach knows how to puff those flowers!

A fun day of swings, baseball, Frisbee and flower blowing.  
Now that's a good day at the park!

Somehow, all the leaves in MaKenzie's backyard have blown into this neat little pile!

Looks like it's just waiting for some kids and puppies to jump in it.


That didn't take long.

Bill adds the last leaves to his hours of work, but soon realizes that he will have to start all over again.

As the leaves start to fly!

Gather them up and toss in and out, 
that's what playing in leaves is about!

The Leaf Pile Pals!

Presley, Sasha & MaKenzie all attempt to stop Bill's raking by burying him under his own pile of leaves.

Then the leaves take to the air once more and the pile moves under  the slide.


Now they make for a good crash cushion at the bottom.


Sasha adds more to the pile before she takes her run.

Finally Bill turns the tables, 
and the buriers become the buried!


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