Most of November 2006

The Dollhouse | Touch-a-Truck | The Second (Cousin) Coming | Slumber Party II (The Sequel)

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The Dollhouse

After months of delay from the manufacturer, Sasha's Birthday present from Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans has arrived.

A three story Victorian Dollhouse.

After putting this together I now consider myself a licensed home building contractor.

This thing is huge!  Sasha's gonna need a little stool to reach the third floor.

It was fun to build.   Hopefully I'll get some time to play with it as well.

Hey Sasha.  I know you're getting excited for Christmas but we have one more Birthday present to open.

Are you ready?  It's over there under that sheet!


Hurray!  A giant dollhouse.  Ready to move in?

I should have taken a better picture of the dolls.  This one laying on her face looks a lot like Sasha.


And this one Sasha's tucking into bed plays the role of her best friend MaKenzie.


Actually, Sasha says she's the taller blonde "MaKenzie" doll and MaKenzie is the shorter dark haired one.
She does this just to upset me.


Testing out the doors and windows.  


Re-arranging Daddy's interior design and asking questions about the thread count of the linens.


I lied and told her they were 1200 TC Egyptian Cotton.  She seemed pleased and resumed her inspection.

Thank you so much Aunt Dawn & Uncle Beans!  We Love You!


Sasha was excited about the Touch-a-Truck Event.

  We were practically the first people there so Sasha got to touch the trucks while they were still fairly free of  kid-cooties.

She spent a lot of time in, on and around this fire engine.  

There were lots of knobs and levers and stuff to pull.

Then she came to Daddy's favorite truck.  The garbage truck.


While Sasha emptied a few dumpsters using the mechanical hydraulic lifting arm, 
Daddy asked all the questions of the garbage man that he's been waiting his whole life to ask.


Then came the Virginia Marine Science Museum Mobile Aquarium.
I've always wanted to look in this truck, but the three little fish inside didn't seem to necessitate this giant mobile apparatus.

And the Tupperware container with the crab and the star fish didn't really ratchet up the excitement any.


But driving a big dump truck was kinda neat.  It made Sasha think she was tough.


Especially pulling the rope that blasted the giant horn that scared all the kids standing in line.
The police in this Sheriff truck let Sasha play with all the light and siren switches.  I was jealous.


At the end we met up with Sasha's friend MaKenzie and they spent a little while in the Book-Mobile.

The Second (Cousin) Coming

Cousin Emily and Errol stopped by for a quick pop-in visit before they moved back to California.

Sasha and Donovan organized the cars from Cars into a little line.

And Sasha got to cuddle the new baby Brandon.

Then it was up for a quick play-date in Sasha's room


Round and round they went.  Up the Slide down the slide and around a few times on the Sit-n-Spin.
Thanks for stopping by to visit Emily, Errol, Brandon and Donovan !

Slumber Party II (The Sequel)

After the successful slumber party last month, Sashi & Kenzie decided they would do it again.
In fact they pretty much insisted we re-create the exact same slumber party as last time.

So we watched Curious George on the big movie screen and ate Pizza and Popcorn.


But this time we stopped at Krispy Kreme and picked out a dozen doughnuts too!


We pretty much try to offer the kids the most unhealthy eating experience their little bodies can tolerate.


But nobody complained and Holly and Alan got to eat all the left-overs!


MaKenzie and Sasha gave each other numerous physical examinations.
And Holly continued to teach Sasha how to drink cup after cup of coffee before bed (to calm her nerves.)


For some reason the coffee didn't calm her and she insisted on composing a quick symphony 
until, exhausted, MaKenzie threatened her with a blast from a Star Trek phaser set to stun.


Finally, around 11pm, they decided they would go to bed.

Of course they stayed up whispering and giggling for another hour after lights-out.


And there was a periodic thump and crash that we never got any explanation for.


The next morning it was out to the yard for more play.

MaKenzie pulled Sasha around the yard in the wagon.


But eventually they realized that if they hitched Alan up like a horse, 
he could pull them both all around the neighborhood until they got tired of riding.


"Faster Horsey!  Faster!"  They would scream.


Then they played a little ball and went back inside.


They dressed Alan up like a princess, with crown jewelry and earrings.  They gave him numerous physical checkups with their doctor kit.  After they jumped on him, tied him up and punched him all morning long (which they thought was hilarious.)  They also enjoyed having Alan carry them both at the same time on his back and front up and down the stairs over and over.

Then it was time to cook up some pretend cookies.

After coloring for a while we made giant play dough worms.

Sasha watched MaKenzie's technique.

Then sculpted her own playdonic invertebrates.

Finally, they played in the new dollhouse for a while.

Another Slumber party comes to an end.  I'm glad I wrote it all down so we can better re-create it for next time.


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