The Sylvia, Angela & Mark Pre-Summer Virginia Vacation Page 1

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The night before Cousin Sylvia arrived Sasha was so excited she couldn't sleep.

Of course the first thing we did when they got here was open Birthday Presents!

Mark was only in the house for about 17 seconds before he opened his first beer.
Sasha helps her Daddy open his Birthday Present.


Even Sasha got a present.  A cool little puzzle box.


The next morning Sasha invites everyone outside to ride the slide Grandma & Grandpa got her for Christmas.


Sylvia makes a few test runs down the slide 
as Sasha triple checks her shoes to make sure they won't fly off when she reaches top speed.


Here's the official photo of the two Slide Pilots that was taken before lift off.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Sliders 1

  2. Sliders 2

  3. Sliders 3

  4. Sliders 4

And here's an after picture where Sasha's hair still shows the effects of high velocity slide riding.
Sasha demonstrates her no-hands technique, while Sylvie shows Sasha her drive-the-car method.

After a few more times down the chute they had to take a rest.


And then it was off to Virginia Beach!


Sasha looks down and envisions her next sand sculpting masterpiece.

The water was pretty cold, but not for people who are used to Lake Superior I guess.


Holly holds Sasha back as she dreams of a headlong plunge into the ocean.

Eventually, with everyone carrying her around, Sasha begins to fall asleep.


That was when Alan got a wonderful, awful idea.  
But Angela stopped him before he gave Sasha a "wake up toss" into the ocean.


Mark & Angela enjoy their Moment in the Sun

And later we all enjoy a feast at Captain George's Seafood Buffet

Tonight's Feast was sponsored by Grandma & Grandpa Fisher!  Hurray for Grandma & Grandpa Fisher!

We even started a new tradition 
where everyone tries sneak a Crawfish into Mark's mouth when he isn't looking. 
Angela won this year.

The next night Uncle Alan baby sits while Holly, Mark and Angela go see Mission Impossible 3.
Sylvia finally gets to play in the Mega Bouncer.

They played for a few minutes but then wanted to come in and play in the Super Happy Fun Tunnels!


Sasha decided she was going to wear one of the tunnels for a little while.

The it was time to watch The Wizard of Oz and Beauty & the Beast.

Ah Television....  Nature's Baby Sitter.

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