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"Mother's Day started out with Mommy doing one of my favorite things.  Reading me stories!"


"Then we went into the kitchen to give Mommy presents!"

"Mommy got pretty flowers and cards from me and Daddy."

"I bought her a Sudoku book.  Sudoku is Mommy's second favorite thing in the whole world."

"First me, then Sudoku.  (Then maybe Daddy)"

"Daddy took us to our favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner.
Mommy looks funny when she eats."


"I can look funny when I eat too!"

"Ok Mommy, Time for your Mother's Day hugs!"


"Mommy likes my hugs.  And I get kisses in return, so it's a pretty good deal."

"And the night out ends at Cold Stone Creamery for what Daddy calls 'insanely overpriced ice cream'.
I don't know what that means, but Ice Cream is yummy and I like it"

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!
I Love You!


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