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"I'm gonna sit here Daddy.  Right down in front where I can see the Monsters up close!
Hey!  Those aren't Monsters."

"I'm disappointed Daddy.  You promised me Monster Trucks!
Wait a minute....What are these?"


It's Monster Mutt  Vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Monster Truck!


This one's called Stone Crusher!  Crush on - Stone Crusher!


"Now that's more like it.  Did you see the "air" on Grave Digger?"

That yellow one and The Monster Bat Mobile are neck and neck in the second jump.
This really is The Sport of Kings!

"Oh My God Daddy!  Is that what I think it is?"

Yes dear.  It's TRUCK-A-SAURUS!

The Monstrous Metal Munching Mayhem Machine!

Truck-A-Saurus.  The Legend!

"Awesome!  Truck-A-Saurus Rules!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"

"More Daddy.  I want to see more!"

"More Crushing!  More Monsters!  Wooooooo Hoooooo!"


This Monster is driven by a 19 year old girl.  Sasha's new role model.

Monster Mutt is one of her favorites.

Sasha says, "It's like a puppy.  A really mean puppy!"

Now it's time for The Monster Bat Mobile to kick up some sand

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  1. Monster Bat Mobile Clip 1

  2. Monster Bat Mobile Clip 2

  3. Monster Bat Mobile Clip 3

Sasha and The Monster Bat Mobile spend a tense moment in a Monster Stare-down.


Then, moments later, it gets vertical!  Oh- Yeah!


Finally, the local boys, Grave Digger hit the sand again!

Grave Digger lives just across the border in North Carolina.  We visited their home-base last month.

Ultimately Grave Digger won the Day.  Yee-Ha!

One of Sasha's favorites on display was the Monster Mystery Machine.  That's Scooby's Truck!

"This has been an awesome day.  You know what my favorite part of the day was?"

"The MONSTER TRUCKS!  They're Super Cool!"


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