Sasha's First Trip to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk

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Holly was able to celebrate the end of the semester by taking Sasha on some fun day trips last week.


Early in the week they spent an afternoon at the Chesapeake Fun Forrest.

The grin in the second picture is Sasha's new "Cheese" face.
She thinks she's supposed to do this scrunchy face when someone takes her picture now.

This is probably Sasha's favorite park.
It's never very busy so she can usually play as much as she wants with all the cool stuff.

Later in the week Sasha went to the zoo for the very first time!

"I thought the zoo would be more exciting Mommy.  This turtle is making me sleepy."

"What's this?  A goat?  I thought this was a zoo, not a farm!"


"Ahhhh.  Monkeys!  Now that's more like it.  I'll try out my Monkey call on them!"


"These Meerkats look kinda sneaky.  I'll have to keep an eye on them."

"Hey what's that over there?"


"Oh wow, neato!  Look at the Elephants.  This zoo is awesome!"


"That giraffe is gonna have a sore neck from stretching way up like that for food.  
He should just eat the leaves and stuff that's closer to the ground, like I do!


"Hey Giraffe!  Come here.  I got some advice for you!"


"Who me?"

"Mommy, let me out of this stroller.  I see something over here I want to investigate."

There they are.  The most dangerous animals in the world.  Free range toddlers playing in a fountain.


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