Grandma & Grandpa Fisher Spring 2006 Visit

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Hey Sasha,  It's Grandma & Grandpa!  Hurray!

Let the Hugging Begin!


Grandma brought you a new book!


Now you can make her read it to you over and over and over and over.  Just like you like.


Sasha shows off her drawing prowess with her Magna-Doodle
then takes a break to enjoy one of her DumDum suckers.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Dum Dum Yum Yum


Back at Grandma & Grandpa's place, it's time for our traditional dip in the pool.


This year we'll test drive this cool new floaty-boat.

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  1. Pool Play 1

  2. Pool Play 2


We were wondering if Sasha thinks that Grandma & Grandpa live at this hotel a few miles from our house and can't figure out why Mommy & Daddy only bring her to visit and play in their pool a few times a year.


Well it was a fun day at the pool regardless.   Sasha's gonna be a good little swimmer.


She definitely likes being in the water.

While Mommy & Daddy sneaked off to the movies, Grandma & Grandpa took Sasha to the Mall to play.

Sasha points through the glass to show Grandma & Grandpa where the indoor playground is.  
It's like her totally favorite place to hang out at the mall.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Merry Go Round with Grandma

  2. Mall Crawl

  3. Mall Slide (Longer Clip Than Usual)

  4. Mall Run

  5. Sasha Knievel Part 1

  6. Sasha Knievel Part 2

  7. Hope That Sasha Is Never In Your Lifeboat

  8. Strollin'


Back at home Sasha takes a moment to screen some of the "Dailies" from her upcoming Year 2 DVD.
She's very involved in the production side and each scene requires her "sign-off" before it can be considered complete.


Later that night Grandma & Grandpa sponsored a feast at Captain Gorges George's
All you can eat Seafood Buffet.  
See if you can find Sasha in the first picture playing one of her favorite games.


The next day a couple of ducks showed up on our doorstep looking for handouts


Sasha has a soft spot for Anseriformes 
although they are said to be the most vicious of the family Anatidae.


Sasha and Grandma, in an act of crazy-bravery, 
venture out to the other side of the protective glass shielding to feed the wild beasts.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Duck Season! 1

  2. Duck Season! 2

  3. Duck Season! 3


At first Grandma holds Sasha back
 to prevent her from a foolhardy attempt to pet the web-footed monsters.


She eventually breaks free and tries to cuddle the foul fowls, 
but they have eaten their ill-gotten crumbs and now waddle off in search of other dupes with spare bread.


Grandma & Sasha return triumphant from their Front Yard Safari.

That night for dinner at Hot Tuna...

Alan's unreasonable fear of Dragons kept him on edge throughout the otherwise enjoyable meal.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Piggy Back Stairs

Grandma & Grandpa have to go now Sasha.  Time for a few more hugs!

Bye Bye, Grandma & Grandpa.  It was super fun having you here.  
Thanks for all the food and presents and bringing down my Slide from Christmas!
See you again soon!


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