Birthday Party for Sasha's Friend Sophia

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Hey Sasha, grab your jacket and let's go.  It's baby Sophia's First Birthday Party!

Sophia is the little girl who used to sleep in the room that Daddy made into his office.


First you get to have a birthday feast.  All the drink boxes and chips you can eat.

And then another drink box.  Boy,  you sure like juice!  Or is it just the packaging that makes it fun?
Hey!  That's not even your juice box.  You're just draining any one you can get your hands on!

Mommy will share her fruit salad if you stand around long enough begging for her to give you some.

 Now you can play with Sophia's presents as her Mommy unwraps them.

Mommy looks pretty in her fancy suit, and Daddy looks slovenly as usual. 

Look they put Sophia in a gift bag for a cute photo-op but she seems more interested in that cake.


Would you like some cake Sasha?

First we have to sing "Happy Birthday" to Sophia

Then it's cake for everyone.  Hurray for cake!  
Happy Birthday Sophia!


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