Sasha and The March Hare

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Here's the bunny that lives in our front yard.  Sometimes there's a whole swarm of bunnies out there.

This week was sunny and in the low to mid 80's!


After I mowed the lawn on Sunday.  Sasha came out to play in her little sundress.

I told her it's a Southern Tradition that if you lick a rock during the early Spring, 
it speeds up the season and hastens Summer.  Babies believe whatever you tell them.  It's fun!


Sasha inspects her yard and checks out where the Spring flowers are growing.


She collects a few twigs and sticks to help with Spring cleaning.

I told her the little ones were not really an issue and that she should look for something bigger.

These two big sticks were a good find, 
but I had to explain that the fence wasn't a bunch of giant flat sticks that needed to be thrown away.


This made the stick collector mad.  
She threatened me with a thrashing, then ignored and wouldn't talk to me for a few minutes.

Finally, after I told her that I hoped to throw away the old fence and get a new one in the near future, 
a truce was reached.

And we were friends again.


So just remember, this sweet and adorable little "ray of sunshine" will burn you if opposed.


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