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Hey Sasha, I know you like hanging out in your ball pool but how about a trip to the Cape for Father's Day?

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  1. Sasha at the Beach 1

Alan gets in a little surfing for the first time this year.

Unfortunately his lack of practice over the last couple years results in a many wipe outs and no really good rides.

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  1. Missing a Wave


So he decides to take Sasha on a little skim boarding adventure.

Things were going well until a big wave came up and swamped her (see video clip below)

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  1. Sasha at the Beach 2

  2. Sasha at the Beach 3



  Then it wasn't really as fun and she needed some Mommy cuddling.

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  1. Pickle Walker

At the mall Sasha practiced her surf technique on a big pickle


The flowers grandma planted in the garden are coming along nicely.

For Father's Day dinner Alan drags everyone back to the Japanese Tapas Grill he likes so much as of late.


Sasha likes it too but it was a big day and she's getting pretty sleepy.


"Hey Daddy, before I go to bed, here's the present I made you at school"

"Hey look, there's a sticker on the table!"


"What was I talking about?  Oh yeah.  Happy Father's Day Daddy!"

"Me and my bear and my juice are going to sleep now.  I love you!  Bye, Bye!"


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