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For Monkey Monday (aka Memorial Day) Sasha went to her first movie!


We went to see Curious George at the Cinema Cafe.   See Sasha's Review


Sasha had a great time and the Cinema Cafe was a good testing ground to see how she would handle a movie theatre.


Then when we got home, later that night, Monkey Monday continued with a screening of the new King Kong movie!


The next day Sasha got a Big Yellow Curious George Coloring Book and some new crayons!

Then the next day she got a present in the mail from her cousin Sylvia.


A new Curious George book and a Curious George doll!

Sasha read the nice card from Sylvie and then read her new book.

"These are great presents!  Thank you Sylvia!  I miss you!"


Hey Sasha.  Would you like more Curious George stuff?

Well you'll have to wait for your birthday, you curious little monkey!


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