Sasha & Alan Find a New Beach at Little Island City Park

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First thing you wanna do when you get to the beach is eat.

It's always best to swim and play on a full stomach.  I think that's what they say?


Hey Sasha, How about giving Daddy a bite of that Peanut Butter and Jelly?


OK, Break Time is over.  Lets get to work on some castles.

 Sasha works for a while but then it's time to explore. 


This couple is the background were in Love with Sasha.  All they wanted to do was talk to her and watch her run around.


And run around is what she did.


One of Sasha's favorite games at the ocean this year is picking up gobs of sand and throwing it into the waves as they break.

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  1. The Waves 1

  2. The Waves 2


Sometimes it's nice to just stare out to Sea too!

And there's the ever popular running from the waves game as well.

Whoa there Sasha, don't wander out too far!

This beach has little burrowing crustaceans called Sand Fleas.  They look kinda like little crabs or shrimp.  
When the wave comes up on the beach it exposes them and you can scoop them up in your bucket. 

They're like The Sea Monkeys of the beach.


Then we found an abandoned sand fort.

We checked to see if anyone was around, then we captured it for ourselves.


On this day in 2006 Historic Fort Sasha was officially made a Virginia Land Mark.


To celebrate the official recognition of the fort, Sasha did some gymnastics.

Or maybe it was some of Baby Yoga?

In observance of the opening of Historic Fort Sasha
Baron Von Beach Glider
buzzed back and forth overhead a few times.
(We couldn't get the Blue Angels on such short notice.)

Then it was time for a snack.

Luckily, I was able to get her a brownie before Sasha ate her shirt.


Beach brownies are yummy!

While eating her snack Sasha notices that her sand flea friends are doing something weird over by the shoreline.

Well look at that!  They wrote Sasha's name in the sand!
Somebody should sign those little guys up for a Sand Flea Circus!


Time to dry off.

Sasha does her Virgin Mary impression and then smoothly transitions to Dracula.

Gimme that towel you crazy kid!  Not gonna let go eh?  Well then we'll just have to have a Tug-of-Towel-War!

(Quicktime Required)

  1. The Tug-of-Towel-War 1

  2. The Tug-of-Towel-War 2

Before we leave, Sasha gleefully destroys Historic Fort Sasha to make sure that no one else can enjoy it.

We then collected our toys and started to head home for the day.


A brief pause under the pier to stare at it's Escher-Like infinity.


And then a stroll through the long shadows of the late afternoon.

A quick ride on the swing before we leave helps to blow dry this sand covered Beach Baby!


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