The Bow Creek Recreation Center Children's Fair
and Park Hopping with MaKenzie

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Hey Sasha, you wanna go to a Children's Carnival?

First we had to stop at K-Mart and get Daddy some new Video tape for the camera.  
And Sasha had to have her customary Merry-Go-Round ride.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Sasha-Go-Round 1

  2. Sasha-Go-Round 2

As soon as we arrived a lady gave Sasha a nice blue balloon and free tickets for popcorn and Sno Cones!


Not knowing what it was, Sasha tastes her first Sno Cone.  She liked it eventually and had to have one all to herself.


Then she saw the biggest Mega Bouncer she had ever seen.

Unfortunately she was too little for this one, but it was fun to run around it.  
Maybe next year.


This game involved throwing a ball into a round hole in a board.
Sasha was desperate for the candy prize so she played for about a half hour until she figured it out.


That little pack of candy Bottle Caps tasted like sweet victory.

Then we took a break and cashed in our popcorn tickets.
We ate popcorn and watched a middle school rock band and a cheerleading squad. 


Sasha pretends to not like the popcorn and then proceeds to eat the whole bag by herself.

The next challenge was to catch rubber duckies in a swimming pool.


A woman thought Sasha needed some assistance, but she was able to figure it out.

And she scored more candy and treats.

Then it was off to the next competition.

Here the idea was to toss the rings into the pockets in the board.

 Forgetting we were in public, 
Sasha for a moment displays her telekinetic powers and raises the rings back up into her hands.
Then, remembering what we told her about using her "powers" to win candy at carnivals,  she makes sure no one noticed.


At the ball into the tire toss game she makes sure no one is looking before she once again employs her talent.

This game made me want doughnuts for some reason so we had to leave.
But it was a fun day at the Children's Carnival.


Here's some pictures of Sasha and her Best Friend MaKenzie playing at MacArthur mall and Mt. Trashmore.


MaKenzie surfs the cup and Sasha plays the keyboard.

Sasha rides the Whale and then Makenzie and Sasha take a tandem slide.

BFF - Best Friends Forever!


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