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Sasha!  Hurry up and eat your snacks.  We have a busy day ahead of us.

Yes, you're adorable, now quit goofing off.

Hey!  I said quit goofing off.  Not keep goofing off!

You think just because you're cute you can get away with anything, huh?


Well, while you ponder my rhetorical question, I'm going out in the back yard to play in the sprinkler.  
You can come out too if you want.

It's pretty hot today.  Good thing I set up this water park for us to play in.
You send the ducky on a test-run down the slide to see if it works.


Looks like everything is A-OK.  Ready for launch?

3....2....1....Slide!  Splashdown complete.  Mission Accomplished.

Sasha really liked playing in the sprinkler and on the slide and in the pool.

But her favorite activity was running back and forth in the big mud puddle that formed in front of the shed.

"Once more through the sprinkler and then back to my puddle."

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Pool Party 1

  2. Pool Party 2

"The pool warmed up pretty quickly in the sun but the water from the sprinkler is still cold!"

"It's so cold I might need to wear my hat to warm up!"

"I'm gonna shut off the sprinkler.  I think Daddy did something with this turny-thing over here."

"There, now I can relax in my pool."

Did you have fun playing at your new water park?  I think you did! 

Hey Sasha!  Lets dry off and go see the fireworks at Mt. Trashmore!


The following photos are real.  All pictures were taken at the 2006 Mt. Trashmore July 4th Fireworks Celebration.
The photos have been re-arranged to present the story of what I had hoped had happened that evening.
Unfortunately what actually happened was far different and I did not photograph most of it.
 Sasha, for some reason, was terrified by the fireworks this year.  Maybe as a baby last year at the beach she just had no idea what was going on, or maybe we were much closer this year so they were louder and bigger.
Whatever the reason, as soon as the show started she leapt up off the blanket, ran towards me, jumped into my lap, 
threw her arms around my neck, wrapped her legs around my waist and buried her head into my shoulder.
She looked in the opposite direction through most of the show.  A few times she turned, watched for a second or two
then whimpered, hugged me tighter, and hid her face against my neck.  She probably would have crawled under my shirt if she could.  She was fine after it was over and she never cried or anything but for about 20 minutes she was traumatized.
The pictures below, which appear to show her reacting happily to the fireworks, were taken about an hour before the real fireworks and are actually her pointing at and cheering for smaller fireworks shot off in the neighborhoods that surround the park.  I always take "reaction" shots of Sasha at events but this is the first time that they are not really representative of what she seems to be reacting to.  So enjoy my little fiction that follows.  The pictures are cute anyway!

Sasha and Daddy didn't make it to the hill at Trashmore for the fireworks.  
There were already like 10,000 or more people there when we showed up at 8pm.

But we found a good spot.  I thought it was better than the hill really.


It was right across the lake from where they launch so we were gonna be really close to the action.


I told Sasha that we had front row seats for the fireworks.  She was pleased.


A quick cuddle with Daddy and then it was on with the show!


"Oooooh.  The red one is pretty.  Like a big flower in the sky"


"I like the fireworks!  They're super-fun!"

"Oh wow!  They shot up two at once!  Two at once!  Cool!"

"Don't worry Curious George.  I'll protect you."


 "Look at that one Daddy!  I think that was my favorite!"

"Did you see that last one George?  It was really loud and shiny.  Pay attention you silly monkey!"

"OK Daddy, I think it's over.  Time to go now."


Oh wait, one more!  Look over there!
Happy 4th of July Everyone!


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