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Hurray!  Hurray!  Sasha's 18 Months Old Today!

That's right baby!  You're a whole year and a half old!  Isn't that exciting?

You can hug your Dora but then you gotta blow out your candles.

Yes, That's your cake.  You can taste the frosting right now if you want!

OK.  Cake time is over.  Time to play with your presents, huh?

Bubbles....  Bubbles.... Bubbles Everywhere!  Yippie!

Catch the bubbles Sasha!  Get em!  Get those bubbles!

The next day Sasha still looks a little hung over from her Birthday Bubble Bash.


Did you have a fun Birthday Sasha?  Are you stuffed with cake and ready for more fun?


Today we'll go to the park and play at the playground.  Does that sound fun?


"Yes.  Take me to the park Daddy!  I command you!"

We Party Hard.  We Play hard.  We Sleep Hard.
Goodnight Sasha.  Happy 18 Month Birthday.


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