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Sasha had taken to wearing her helmet around the house for the last couple weeks.
Maybe to hide her wild hair, or maybe because she's just a weirdo.

Her hair was getting pretty messy so we decided it was time for her first haircut.

Of course, as is always the case, her hair looked pretty cool the morning before we went to the salon.

But we decided it would be fun to go anyway.

Here's Sasha on her last car ride with all her "original hair."

We arrive at Cartoon Cuts.  A fancy pants baby salon at the mall.
Sasha watches some of the other kids, then hugs Mommy one last time before her long walk to The Chair.

Sasha was very stoic at first.

I thought she might have put up more of a fight, but she seemed fascinated by the process.

Either that or she was just too distracted by the monkey movie that was playing on the little TV.

Holly video tapes the event while the stylist works on a few finishing touches.
The whole haircut took about 4 minutes.

But Sasha's first ride on a Carousel after the haircut was a little longer!  (Like 6 minutes!)

Then we went out for a Mexican Fiesta and fed each other chips with guacamole.  


It was a yummy way to end the day!

That night, Sasha tromped around in her PJs and modeled her new style.

The next day her whispy curls came back and we got our first look at the new Sasha


 That's some fancy cool haircut!  What a pretty girl you are!  


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