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Hey Sasha!  Cupid broke into the house last night while we were sleeping and left us Valentines!

You know how you can tell he was here?


Cupid always leaves a trail of bubbles wherever he goes!

Valentine Cards for you and Mommy and Daddy!

And presents for the Littlest Valentine too.  That's you!

Let's look at the pretty cards first.

This one is for Mommy from you, Baby Sashi.

Look at all the cool Valentines and some pretty flowers for Mommy.

Now lets get to the good stuff and open that new dolly.

It's Baby Belle from Beauty & The Beast.  You just got that movie for your 18 month birthday!

 You can fix her hair however you like

Mommy can give you some beauty tips!


"At the mall last weekend I rode in the bobbing quarter cars."


"They're super fun.  It's just like driving for real!"


"This one has cool buttons to help you drive and this race car is zoomy and fast!"


"I LOVE driving!  Can I drive home Daddy?"

"Daddy tried to change the subject by feeding me a giant soft pretzel."

"One day when he's not looking I'm gonna take the keys to the car and then I'm outta here!"


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