FeBruArY fUN

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Holly and Sashi went to the park while I was at the movies last weekend but it was kinda chilly.

Sasha takes ride on the handicapped swing that she took for a test drive last weekend.

Someone's got a chilly nose as red as Rudolph

Holly practices her surveillance photography techniques.


Sasha Kai:  Future Technical Engineer or Peg Knocking Construction Worker. 
 We're hoping for the former.


Sasha extracts a peg and then whacks it into place.  She has mastered this toy.


Hey Sasha, let's explore the living room tunnel system.


See if you can find Daddy in the tunnels!

Now Daddy will find you!

Cool!  You can race cars in here too!


OK.  Time for Hide and Seek Tunnel Tag.


You're "It" Sasha!


Nope, I'm not in that end of the tunnel.

Here I am over here Sasha.  Come and get me!

Down a couple more twists and turns.

You found me!  You found me!  Hurray!

Now let's sit in the chair and kiss our puppets.

And cuddle our babies while we watch Sesame Street with Elmo.

They should call this month Funuary!


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