Thanksgiving Weekend

Putting Up The Christmas Tree | Happy Feet | Decorating The Christmas Tree

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Putting Up The Christmas Tree

After our Thanksgiving Breakfast, 
Sasha could no longer contain herself and decided it was time to put up the Christmas Tree.

She did a pretty good job, but it took her forever.

And at one point she had a little "incident" with the lights.


Then we settled in for our Traditional Thanksgiving Feast.  And just like the Pilgrims,  we all ate in the nude.
(This was the only picture of the event we could use on the website.)

Then we got dressed in our PJ's and watched a movie.

Happy Feet


The next day we took Sasha to the mall to see her first movie (in a theater).

We got there late, so we bought tickets for the next show and went to the playground for a while.


But soon it was time to go to the show.

Although Alan would have liked to have taken the doors to the left or right (which led to the new James Bond movie) 
he let Sasha have her way for once and took the center door to see Happy Feet.

Sasha enjoyed sitting in the giant cushy chairs and loved eating treats for 2 hours and watching the Penguin movie.

Decorating The Christmas Tree


As the Holiday weekend came to an end, Sasha became more upset.  
We had not yet decorated the Christmas Tree, and she was worried that this would anger Santa
(Who was surely watching her from on high).

She implored us not to allow Santa to think ill of her due to the laziness of her parents.


So we ate a snack, watched The Grinch, and started to decorate the tree.


This was the first year that Sasha really helped decorate the Christmas Tree.
(Last year she was really just in the way)


But this year she unpacked ornaments and even offered a couple of her precious binkies as a sacrifice to Santa.

Alan decorated the top of the tree, Holly took care of the middle...

...and Sasha focused on the bottom third.  We finally have a full Tree Decorating Team!

 A few more to go and then we were done.

Homer Claus is one of Sasha's holiday favorites, she yells commands at him and he sings and dances for her.

Sasha names all the ornaments that Daddy points to.  Most are just named "Christmas" for some reason.

Finally, our work done, Sasha bows down and prays to Santa.

"Dear Santa, who art at The North Pole, Hallowed be thy Name.
To my house come. And give me some, Great toys like they have in Heaven.
Give me this day some games and toys.  So I can have fun and make some noise.
For thou art the King of Christmas, with the power, and the glory, for ever and ever.


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