December Before Christmas

Care Package | Library Christmas Party | Holly's 40th Birthday | Presents at Kenzie's

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Care Package


Early in December we got a Christmas Care Package from Grandma & Grandpa!

A new Snowman and Penguin animatronic brings the total house count to three.  Sasha loves these things.

Her favorite thing to do is to activate them all at once and then stand in the middle and dance.

Holly and Alan got new ornaments as well!

And Sasha got a new Dora ornament with her name on it.  

Sasha inspects all the ornaments to make sure they meet current safety guidelines.


Then she directs placement of the new ornaments.

After they are hung she performs a "quality check" to make sure they are secure.


As the rest of the nation was being hit with giant snow storms and frigid sub-arctic conditions,
We had a sunny warm week in the high 70's and low 80's.

Library Christmas Party

Sasha models her new jacket.  Look at her strike those poses.

America's Next Top Model.

We went up to the Children's library for a Christmas book reading.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Singing Kids

The were stories, singing and lots of arts and crafts and snacks!

One of the things Sasha enjoyed the most was taking all the books out of this display, 
looking at them for a few seconds, then tossing them on the floor and table around her chair.


Then He arrived.

Santa came and brought candy for all the good girls and boys.  Hurray!

Holly's 40th Birthday

On December 9th, Alan sent Sasha over to MaKenzie's house for a sleep over 
and he and Holly went for a Super Fun Happy 40th Birthday night on the town in Virginia Beach.

Apparently all sleep over parties now require a tent and sleeping bags.

In fact, Sasha requested a tent and sleeping bag each night for the next few days.


While the sleepover was taking place, Holly & Alan went to a movie, ate at a restaurant that Holly's always wanted to go to 
and spent the night at a new hotel on the boardwalk that was really nice and had 3 pools to play in.

Alan had a little insomnia so he got these great pictures of sunrise at the beach.


Then later that evening we opened presents and cards.


Mommy got a electronic Su Doku game so she can now engage her addiction anywhere at any time,
and a new set of Penguin PJ's.

Happy Birthday Mommy!  

Sasha & Alan Love you!

Presents at Kenzie's

Before they left on vacation, MaKenzie and Sasha exchanged gifts for Christmas!

Sasha got some playdough, and a new Sesame Street Book

And a Big New Pink Barbie Chair with Feather Trim!

And MaKenzie got a Stylin' Princess Ariel Head

Sasha makes a good stylist's assistant.

Merry Christmas Everybody!


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