Sasha's 2nd Birthday Party!

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The night before Sasha's 2nd Birthday, her frend Amaya comes from across the street to play.


Amaya likes to pick Sasha up.  Everybody does.  She's so little and cute!


Then Holly came home from the store with cookies!


Yummy!  Cookies!

The presents start to pile up as Sasha's 2nd Birthday party gets underway.

Michelle, her nephew and Sophia start to check out Sasha's toys!

While MaKenzie and Emily go play upstairs in Emily's old room.

Jess makes sure all the food passes the taste test as Sasha moves around the house greeting guests.

Sasha has a little crawl time with the younger kids.


Then Birthday Huggy time with Mommy.


Next we tried to see how many kids we could cram in a single tunnel tent.  The answer - 4.

Sasha takes a break and watches some of her Year 2 DVD with the grown-ups.

Then the party migrates out to the back yard.

The new sandbox from Grandma & Grandpa is a hit, as well as the slide, Super Happy Fun Tunnels and The Megabouncer!

But the sandbox is new today so it gets the most attention.  Sasha loves it!

Sasha can no longer wait and begins to start opening presents, hoping no one is watching.

After she's caught she summons the present pile and Mommy to act as helper-elf to start The Opening.

Here's a princess dress up set from Jess.  Sasha now wears this around the house just about every day.

The feather boa, the high heels, jeweled tiara, magic wand, and necklace.  The whole outfit.

Next she opened a whole bag of goodies from Amy, Emily and Sophia.


And another from the neighbors - Mary, Steve and Eryka.

Then some new clothes from Grandma & Grandpa Fisher.


And a bag full of instruments and a Laurie Berkner DVD from Mark, Angela and cousin Sylvie.

Then she opened a big one from her best friend MaKenzie.

MaKenzie recognizes this present because her and Sasha play with it every day at her house too!


A Doctor Kit.  Now, every night, Mommy and Daddy are subjected to a thorough physical examination by Dr. Sashi.

Finally, a big present from Mommy & Daddy.


Sasha's very own Dora the Explorer Big Wheel.  With Lights and sound action!

Her feet can't quite touch the pedals yet but she scoots around the house on it a bit every night.

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