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The water's still too cold except for fanatics, but the sand is warm and ready for play!

OK Sasha, we'll go down and touch the waves but no jumping in.

What's out there sasha?  Do you see something up in the sky?

That's a parasailer.  We'll try that when you get a little older.  Maybe on your 3rd birthday!

Here, I brought some crackers for us to snack on.

That's some impressive snacking with one foot up in the air!
I tried to eat one of Sasha's sand pail crackers but her feral instincts kicked in and she almost bit off my finger!

Then she immediately became happy little Sasha again.  Her mood swings are getting scary.

"This old baby hat isn't offering enough protection.  Go get me a bigger one Daddy!"

"This one should do the trick."

"Yeah, I like this hat.  What up Daddy?  Yo, check me in my new floppy lid!"

OK, enough with the hat kid.  Get back to work on that sand castle.

Time to go home Sasha.  We'll come back to the beach another day!

Yes, you can wear the hat again next time too!


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