The Adventures of Sasha:

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Hey Sasha, It's Daddy's Birthday!  Wanna go play at the park?

We haven't been to this park in a while.  That swing still working for ya?

Looks pretty fun.  Fly baby....Fly!


Sasha and her new boyfriend Tristan play in the leaves.  
They met, played and broke up, all in about 7 minutes.


Alan gets a birthday gift bag of goodies from Sasha!


A puppet, how thoughtful.  Just what Daddy needed.  How did you know?


Sour gummi worms and a Family Guy DVD gift set.  Sasha sure knows what her Daddy likes.  
Now Sasha, Daddy and their new puppet pal can stay up all night eating candy and watching adult oriented cartoons.  Now that's good parenting!


It's Sasha's Best Friend MaKenzie's 4th Birthday Party!  Hurray!

Are you like Sasha?  Do you have the constant annoyance of giant balloons drifting onto your lap?
Then you need The Bashy-Smashy Super Fun Time Happy Hammer!  For all Your balloon bustin' needs.


The perspective of this shot gives the false impression that the kids were served gigantic plates of food.


Here we can see that the plates were in fact of normal proportion and this somehow disappointed Sasha.


Sasha, just get over it.  Close your eyes.  Go to your Happy Place.  
And imagine that the plates of food are humongous you little piggy.  There, all better?

Sophia wants to see you do one of your famous musical numbers.
First get in costume.


Then rock those bells.


Sasha's attempts at being cute with a hat, fail miserably.  
Face it, you'll never be a great prop-comic like Carrot Top.  Never.

But you are super cute!  So you should just keep working that angle.

Sasha patiently waits and plays, although she's desperate to start opening gifts.


Finally, MaKenzie opens all the bubble making stuff we got her.
Sasha's personal obsession with bubbles may have biased her "gift giving" a little.


Sasha displays some of her Dad's Detroit lineage by attempting to steal MaKenzie's new bike.

Now it's time to attack the Monkey Pinata.

Get that pinata Sashi.  Whack it!  Whack it good!

MaKenzie deals the death blow.

Sasha, at first appalled by what she mistook for an atrocity, was calmed when it was explained that the pinata was not a real monkey and that the fake monkey guts consisted of candy and small toys.

She quickly understood the concept and started eating the candy as fast as she could.

MaKenzie makes quick work of her birthday candles.

And Sasha toots her approval.  That was a super fun birthday party.

It was a big birthday weekend for little Sasha.

All that partying makes you sleepy.  Good Night baby!


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