New Jersey

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Alex greets her cousin Sasha with the customary Wet Willy

She then takes Sasha for a spin around the house

Grandpa Wiseman whips up a pre-dinner poodle balloon Hors d'Oeuvre for Sasha

Princess Shayna and her attendants Gale and Lisa


Sasha entertains everyone with some light jazzy dinner music

Uh Oh.   Looks like it's gonna be a cutie pie showdown

Sasha politely pulls out chairs, long after dinner is over, for no one.  Weird, weird baby.

"Mommy!  I can't pose for a picture unless I have that Purple Balloon around my neck!"

Grandpa has some cool toys but Alex has some cooler ones!

Ava stops by to add another kid under two years old to the mix

Sasha climbs atop the crayon table and exclaims,  "I declare:  This room full of toys is fun!"

Grandma and Elaine stop in to see what all the happy baby shouting is about.


Sasha!  Do what the raccoon says.  Get that balloon on your head right now.

Up on the stage, the Three Baby Stooges put on their act.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Dance Fever

  2. Alex Spinner

  3. Hi Sasha!

Alex and Sasha get presents!


Grandpa cuddles the PJ clad Sasha before she goes to bed.

Alex and Ben share a little lap time as well.


Sasha, not the baby in this house, takes a few chugs of juice and goes over to investigate Shayna


Yup she's a baby!

The next day Sasha regales us all with an amusing story before brunch


Sasha and Alan sport their cool black brunch wear


Gale and Lisa attempt to amuse a momentarily stoic Sasha.


Is this a brunch or some kind of picture posing party?  Lets eat already!


Alex demonstrates her "one leaf at a time" salad eating technique.

Multi-tasking Elaine wows the table by feeding herself and Shayna simultaneously!


Some parting gifts for Sasha from Uncle Sam and his daughters.

"Well, that's it.  My Thanksgiving in New Jersey.  Pretty cool eh?"


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