Happy 1st Birthday Sasha

from Sylvie, Aunt Angela and Uncle Mark

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Sasha got some presents in the mail today!

She practiced her present-opening courtesy and pretended to read the card first

Then she waited for the signal to start ripping!

Unlike most, Sasha correctly goes for the biggest present first.  I've taught her well.

Yes, Sasha.  Now move on the the second biggest one and continue in this fashion.

What's Mommy got over there?

Is she playing with some of YOUR new presents?

"That Yummy Yucky book isn't for you Mommy!"

"I'll just ignore her insult and look at my equally great Quiet Loud book."

Sasha immediately skips to the end to see how the whole Quiet Loud thing ends

Whoa!  What's that over there Sasha?

Mommy set up your easel.  Hurray for Mommy!

"Now I can finally release my energy in a creative way, as opposed to my inherently destructive nature."

"Thanks for the super terrific fantastic fun presents Sylvie, Aunt Angela and Uncle Mark!"


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