September on the Cape

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(Captions by Sasha)

"I had the sniffles so the cupcake fairy came and left me a surprise!"

"Weeeeeee.  A new park!  I asked daddy if he wanted me to push him on the swing."

"But he just sat me in this awkward pose on his lap and made this stupid grin for the camera. 
What a dork!"


"I can finally go down the slide!  Slides are FUN!"


"Eating these acorn burrs are fun too but Mommy and daddy always freak out when I taste them."

"Maybe if I eat one up here on the top of the slide when they're not looking I can get away with it?"


"Look!  It's me and Mommy at Cape Hatteras!"  I LOVE it here!"

"Check me out Daddy.  I'm totally hangin' ten on your stick!"

"Now that I don't try to eat it, Mommy and Daddy let me play in the sand!"

"This funny bird likes to play in the sand too!"


"There's all kinds of treasures in the sand.  Look at these cool shells I found!"

"Sand.  I'm just gonna say it.  I love Sand."

"Look Daddy, Look behind you.  A Pelican!"

"Running in the surf is great too.  It washes off some of the sand"

"But not all of it!  Ha ha!  Now I'm soaked with sea water and covered with sand.  Hurray!"

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  1. Beach Run 01

  2. Beach Run 02

  3. Beach Run 03

  4. Beach Run 04

  5. Beach Run 05

  6. Beach Run 06


"These erosion fences are just my size. 
But Daddy didn't want me running that far away from him and Mommy."


"Look another shell and a seagull!  What a great day at the beach."

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