September: Art / Bike / Skate 

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Here's Sasha going to her first day of Daycare
(These are also the last photo's of Holly's car still intact)

The day started off better than it ended.

Sasha explores the new toys at Michelle's house.  I hear that place is pretty cool!

At Daycare, Sasha started coloring for the first time in her life!


You can critique her artwork for this month's caption contest!

After a little back yard beach ball action it was time to pass out on the couch with Daddy

Hey Sasha, Wanna go on a bike ride?

I think this baby helmet may be too big for your tiny little peanut head

We'll take a few test loops around the street and then I'll get you a helmet that fits this weekend

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Bike Ride 1

  2. Bike Ride 2

  3. Bike Ride 3

"Maybe one day Daddy will get me one of those sweet Big Wheels like Jasmine has"


"Hi everybody!  Daddy took me to the SK8R Bash at Mt. Trashmore over the weekend!"

"Here's where some of the kids worked on their street tricks"

"I was really more into the ramp competition though, those guys were tearin' it up!"

"This guy came in like 2nd or 3rd place.  There weren't any pros here, it was all just local kids like me."

"This little fella was my favorite and he ended up winning the competition.  He could get WAY up there!"


"This dude always landed any crazy trick he attempted.  He was awesome!"

"Here's the kid who won again bailing out of a trick before he crashed into a bird or something"


"One more from the guy who never falls"


"SK8R Bash was so cool.  I can't wait till Daddy gets me a deck and I can thrash like these kids!"


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