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Grandma arrives and touches up her hair for Sasha, Grandpa doesn't even try to look presentable

The crush of affection begins!

Grandpa gives Sasha her first piano lesson

Present time!  First we'll open your Birthday Present from the Rowlands.


Wow!  Look at that!  A rolly-polly pull toy doggy. Cool!


And some fancy new outfits from Grandma & Grandpa's trip to Ireland


New reading material from Ireland too!


"Sitting with Grandma is fun!"

"Sitting with Grandpa might have been fun but then he started spanking me for no reason. 
I think Grandpa's  a little crazy."

"Who will read my books to me?  Grandma?

"That's not my kitten...Its ears are too soft!"

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Rockin' the Grandma

Hey Sasha, Wanna show Grandma & Grandpa your playground at Mt. Trashmore?
Don't get too excited about it.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"This is my swing Grandma!"

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Swing,Swing,Swing

  2. Swing, Kiss, Swing

  3. Swing, Then Fly Over to Grandpa!

  4. Slide, Slide, Down

"This is my slide Grandpa!"
"I don't know what this thing is, but Daddy seems to like it."

Hey Sasha!  Look down there at Grandpa!

He's way down there while you're up in the castle!

"Lets's all run up the hill.  I'll show you where me and Daddy go rolling!"

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Run Down the Hill to Grandma!

  2. Rolling with Daddy

  3. Big Gulp of Smoothie

It's a long way up but we all made it to the summit

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