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Hi Sasha!  We like your tiny piggy tails.  They're sooooo cute!

Yes, you're adorable.  Now quit striking cute poses and go play!

Take a couple laps around the kitchen on your block-munching hippopotamus

Mommy's gonna take you to the mall.
Once there Sasha explains her mischievous play-plan to another kid, who looks worried

Sasha convinces her that no one will get hurt if they all just play along

With the tunnel clear, Sasha is able to execute her diabolical play-plan of crawling in alone and giggling.
Then she walks away like nothing happened.  Mission Accomplished.

(Quicktime Required)

  1. More Play at the Mall 1

  2. More Play at the Mall 2

  3. More Play at the Mall 3

  4. More Play at the Mall 4


Here's a picture of bed-head Sasha when she first wakes up in the morning.

Mommy brings Sashi home from daycare

First a little running up and down the hall...

Then a quick hug for Daddy before it's up the stairs


Then she changes her mind and points toward the kitchen.
Sasha's acting a little weird today.  Did Mommy and Sasha stop at a bar on the way home from daycare?


A now obviously drunk Sasha staggers into the kitchen.


No Sasha!  We can't let you drive in this condition!


A crash!  Oh no!  See, that's what happens.  Now push the wreckage off the road.


Hey Sasha!  You wanna go pick out Halloween costumes, eat ice cream and go play at Mt. Trashmore?


"Yes Daddy.  Yes I do."

Hey Sasha, guess what?  Today we're getting you your own ice cream cone for the first time!

You don't have to eat it while I hold it silly.  It's all yours.  Your very own ice cream cone!

That's more like it.  Munch munch munch.   Mmmmmmmm, creamy.

Today we're going on an expedition to the very top of Mt. Trashmore.  Isn't that exciting?

(Quicktime Required)

  1. You can pick a flower if you wanna

Yes, you can pick flowers during the ascent but once we get to the top I have other plans for us.


Wow!  Look at that view of beautiful Lake Trashmore!

OK you can climb up on top of me too, but now I have a surprise for you

Ready to roll Sasha?  We're gonna roll down the hill together!



Over and over and over we roll down down the hill, weeeeeeeeee!

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Roll Down the Hill

  2. Run Down the Hill 1

  3. Run Down the Hill 2

  4. Run Down the Hill 3


Sometimes it's nice to just sit and pick some grass though...


And eat it.  Mmmmmmm, grassy.   What else can we do Daddy?


We can chase our shadows over to the playground for a swing and a slide, how's that sound?

(Quicktime Required)

  1. Run to the Playground

  2. Down the Slide 1

  3. Down the Slide 2

  4. Down the Slide 3

  5. Swing!

OK, now we're tired, right?  Lets go home.

Sleepy time.  Night-night Sasha.


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